The Whims of a Sprite

Sprites are flighty creatures; we never know what we'll be doing from one day to the next. So don't be too surprised if this page isn't updated with a fanatic frequency. But by the same token, you never know what will show up here, so stop back again.

Sprites do have names. Nynaeve is the one I go by in GeoCities Athens, but I have several. By day, I am mild-mannered Bridget McCabe, English major at Boston College. I sing as a mild-mannered alto in the University Chorale, and compete as a (not so) mild-mannered foil fencer for the Women's Varsity Fencing Team.

But by night, I am a wild, tempestuous lover of Disney movies and children's books; a hot-headed champion of Dostoevsky and Edith Wharton and Cyrano de Bergerac; a daring explorer of philosophic and religious ideas.

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