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Proficient News
  • 23rd August - Proficient 4.15 is released!
    Please report all bugs to the guestbook.
About Proficient
  • Proficient is a complete scripting solution for users of Mirc. Using the advanced capabilities of Mirc's own language Proficient implements a complete number of useful features for the IRC user. Proficient's main goal is to be a script that complements Mirc and your IRC season rather then take it over. It's secondary goal is to be the most easy to use, ergonomic and understanding script available. I feel Proficient has achieved these goals and so do many of it's satisfied users.
  • If you have and suggestions or ideas for Proficient (or found any bugs) please email Ipggi or leave a message in the guestbook.
Known Problems and Bugs (Current)
  • None
    Report all bugs to the guestbook.
Reviews and Comments
  • has did a review of Proficient 4.0

    Fairly complete all around script with features such as: away system, auto-join system, personal and channel protection, user levels, general music (wav/mid/mp3/etc.) support, fileserver, easy access to logging features, a nice place where you can manage/load and unload your various addons (or modules as they are called for this script), eggdrop support, a nice timezone converter, etc.

    The script appears to be very well made. It has a number of features as mentioned above and everything is clean and easy to use. Most, if not all of the features have dialog support. You can access them through the various popup menus ... in addition, the script also has its own help section in the form of a dialog.

    All in all, very well done ... definitely worth a try.

  • Pairc did a full review of Proficient 3.0.

    Proficient 3.0 was given the "COOL" award by Pairc. " Everything is so comfortably easy- no surprises here. You can customize most of the script through a GUI interface, and be sure the script will be 100% cooperative towards you. This script has many little things that are not noticeable at first. Also, the presence of such a thorough help system is very important and you can rest asured that most everything is written down there for your assitance."
Proficient Downloads
  • Proficient 4.15 release includes mIRC 5.71 (980kb)
    Includes mirc.exe and mirc.hlp.
    Download: [USA 1] [Australia]

  • Proficient 4.15 MINI release for mIRC 5.71 (158kb)
    Same as the other version just no Mirc files are included.
    Download: [USA 1] [Australia]

Proficient Archives
  • Pig Script 1.00 for Mirc 4.50 (009kb) released on 10th of August 1996.
    Pig Script 1.10 for Mirc 4.60 (009kb) released on 17th of September 1996.
    Pig Script 1.20 for Mirc 4.60 (011kb) released on 12th of October 1996.
    Pig Script 1.30 for Mirc 4.60 (020kb) released on 30th of October 1996.
    Pig Script 1.40 for Mirc 4.60 (077kb) released on December? of 1996.
    Pig Script 1.50 for Mirc 4.70 (546kb) released on 27th of January 1996.
    Pig Script 1.70 for Mirc 4.72 (270kb) released on 12th of April 1997.
    Pig Script 1.75 for Mirc 5.02 (125kb) released on 26th of April 1997.
    Pig Script 2.00 for Mirc 5.02 (134kb) released on 9th of October 1997.
    Proficient 2.10 for Mirc 5.11 (140kb) released on 26th of October 1997.
    Proficient 2.20 for Mirc 5.11 (125kb) released on 13th of December 1997.
    Proficient 2.30 for Mirc 5.31 (149kb) released on 27th of March 1998.
    Proficient 3.00 for Mirc 5.41 (171kb) released on 04th of December 1998.
    Proficient 3.10 for Mirc 5.51 (322kb) released on 17th of July 1999.
    Proficient 4.00 for Mirc 5.61 (972kb) released on 08th of January 2000.
    Proficient 4.10 for Mirc 5.71 (157kb) released on 31st of July 2000.
    Proficient 4.15 for Mirc 5.71 (158kb) released on 23rd of August 2000.