Hi everyone. I know it's a little sparse. Send me some e-mail if you have any comments or questions.

Jan 2003:

Here is my Jan. 01, 2003 "letter to an editor" about when a "flat" tax rate is "fixed", and when it's not.

Oct 2002:

Here is a copy of a letter [sent to B. Davis & family] about my Oct., 2002 Trip .

Jan 2002:

Here is a link to my Jan., 2002 General Newsletter to family and friends.

Dec 2000:

Here is a link to my Dec 31, 2000 General Newsletter to family and friends.

Sept 1999: Been working on a prototype for a revision to the Aztec 'mini' web page, for Beth El Congregation. In case you would like to see it, and/or compare to the old one, here are some links:

August 1999: Here is a link to my August 1999 letter to family and friends about what has been going on lately. Some of them subscribe via snail mail, others via e-mail. To cut down on "wasting bits" sent via e-mail, I try to put the letter on the web, and just e-mail out the URL. Of course if I do any name dropping, (like, the photo we have of Pierce Brosnan with his arm around my son JEREMY) then the persons mentioned may wind up indexed by 'Yahoo!' and some of the other major search engines - but hey, fame and fortune, that's cool! "Your name in lights!" [maybe]. My Mom ------ Annette Schwartz is a writer in Houston, Texas. In Aug of 1996 she won 2 gold medals in the Sr Olympics in Lubbock Tx, in writing, in addition to 2 gold medals in swimming. I hope to get some of her poems (and other stuff) on the web here pretty soon. However, what I may do, even sooner than that, is to get some of the minutes and letters and stuff, from *her* Mom, the late Pearl Sterman, of Buffalo NY, onto the web. If I can get access to a scanner, I will be able to get it into computer-readable form pretty soon. If I have to type it in manually, it will take longer (and I will procrastinate).

Links to other sites on the Web

I used to have a web page on www.acm.org (acm.org) but after about 4 years, they did away with that service around mid 1998. So I decided to move some of the material to here. (Why pay for a web page when it's available free, for stuff like this ... !) I think they even established some kind of www forwarding, so anyone who has a link (or bookmark) (etc) to my old URL ("http://acm.org/~schwartz") may not have to care that I [sorta] "moved". I think it will just "zap" right to here, automatically. And then, if you want to see my old acm.org page, there is a sort of copy of it here.
"Deja News"

I really like "Yahoo!" and "Deja News", so I have links to them here. ([don't] sue me!)

Mike Schwartz

1998-2003 schwartz@acm.org
They do provide mail forwarding at acm.org, and this "permanent" e-mail address, has served me well since circa mid 1992. During that time, my e-mail and snail-mail addresses, and phone numbers, at both home and work, have *all* changed! - - So this (schwartz@acm.org) is, in a sense, the "only" address of mine that has stayed the same since then.

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