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I'm  the sewin' sista and I love sewin'! The fact is I love the needle arts. I sew for several reasons not the least of which is the sense of freedom sewing gives me.  When I sew any style garment can be mine. With a little effort silk blouses, heirlooms or a fur coat are all at my finger tips.  Sewing is  an adventure to me.  Finding just the right fabric and notions, and making an idea a reality or copying a garment I couldn't otherwise afford is exciting.  I'm not restricted to what's on the market.  I'm limited only by the amount of time I have to sew and my imagination.  I find sewing  relaxing and creatively fulfilling.

This page is for other sewing/needle arts fanatics. Here you will find techniques and tips, a book shelf and resources for the sewing persons who visit my page.  I'm glad you came, enjoy your stay and please come again.

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