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Welcome! If you like pictures and humor, this place is for you. In fact, if you want your picture here, drop me an e-mail and we will discuss it. Play the little matching game I have set up below with chatters whom you may know.

Talk to you soon, neighbor!

Meet the Kinfolk!

A picture of ZK
OK...the real ZK
My oldest daughter
It's amazing what a glamor shot can do...even at age 12!
My youngest daughter
Here's the whole family together

Meet some of my Internet buddies

See if you can match the pictures below with the following names (in alpha order): Abbey, Bishop, Ga.Sugar, Gent, Mazie, Punisher, RacerX, Redbud, Sher, Shortribs, Sketch, Spaceghost, and Yanna. Good luck! By the way, to find the correct answer, you can e-mail me if you'd like, but I'd prefer that you ask the chatter directly. It will make them feel special. Trust me! *g*

Contestant #1
Contestant #2
Contestant #3
Contestant #4
Contestant #5
Contestant #6 (the one on the left!)
Contestant #7
Contestant #8
Contestant #9
Contestant #10
Contestant #11
Contestant #12
Contestant #13

Links to other sites on the Web...what to choose, what to choose?

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Send a Texas Postcard
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Movie Links...check out the movies playing near you.
The OFFICIAL Dallas Cowboys Web Site
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Today in History

Here's some funny stuff I've fun across...

How to Know When Technology has Taken Over Your Life
The Latest Virus List
Real Science Bloopers
Words or Wisdom...NOT!
Texan Translations
You Might be a High-Tech Redneck if...
Some Blonde Jokes
Exactly How Cold Is It?
Some Computer Humor
A Comparison of Barf with Cafeteria Food...just for those of you still in school
Corporate Downsizing Affects the North Pole
What if Microsoft Built Cars?
A Dr. Suess Computer Manual
A Tiny Disclaimer

One Last Thing!

Come Check out a little test page I did for a friend. *g*

drop me a line and say howdy!

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