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The Art of Christopher M. Grimes (and other stuff)

A virtual tour of my artwork, showing my style, primarily historical scenes of old Bermuda.

This page will, when finished, (are they ever finished?), give you a glimpse into some of my interests, in particular my art, and an idea of my country, Bermuda, with some visual history through my eyes. Also, the pages on the Bermuda Technical Institute are taking shape. Our school may be gone, but none of us will forget it. Relive some memories by following the BTI link below. Come back often, I try to add more content every couple of days.


"Warning!" 24"x30"

This image is from my album of paintings done over the years, follow the link below for more of my art.

A sampling of my art

Recent Paintings


My Island Home

Flag of Bermuda

BERMUDA - Links to all the information you need about this island

Check out these pages, with links to sites of interest to me (more to be added as time permits)

Bermuda Technical Institute pages
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