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how do i look? Allo all,

I know there are more thousand pages on the web whose contents and appearances more attractive than mine. Then Why you visit mine? :)

First, maybe you are friends of mine, Or you are my net mates, Or you don't know anything about me before you open this URL and you wonder who the hell am i while you clicking my URL on somebody else pages. Or maybe you are lost on the web!

Whoever you are, no matter what reason you visit me, thanks for your time! let's take closer to me.

Lemme Introduce my self, my full name is Gunawan T. Wicaksono, Wawang is my nick name. I'm Moeslem. I live in Jakarta, Capital City of Republic of Indonesia. I have twin brother, his name is Kukuh T. Wicaksono. He will give you detail information about him, Some of them doesn't far from me. I also have sister who have her own homepage too, her name is Hindraswari Enggar Dwipeni. Some people sent email to my sister and said hmmm..... how beautiful she is, They wonder to meet her....., i dunno something like that 'lah. O' yeah, check out my nephew's page also, Erjodi Cahyo Nugroho. Watch out, he's only 2 years old. Keep your glasses in the save place.

I study at Trisakti University. The Leading Private University in Indonesia... like they said.

I guess that's enuff. The Last, Give my regards to people on The Beverly Hills Internet. Thanks for provide this space for us. Okay, There, it's done. See you!

Come and meet my net mates

Abimanyu Wachjoewidajat Anthony Bachtiar Arief Nugraha Boyke Bader Christian Santoso Derry Santoso Dian Mulyantini Fathony Rahman Indra Pramana Indra Sidharta Pattiasinda Irwan H Nuswanto John Robinson Johnidy Ong Marina Artiyasa M. Luthfi Riza Milan Yudiro aka Rasta Nielson Assa Olivia Ratumbuisang Prio Utomo T.A. Coen

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