Current Lamer Quote:(Jerec) there on with a guy can do with ben gay marr and super glue

Ummm,what the hell?I'm not even gonna touch this one :P

*Anyone that enters may be traumatized*

Woohoo!With a little creativity I've made my cool new section :D

Visit my Spirit Animal Page!

Current Record for consecutive days without sleep: 3

Lpage deleted my old guestbook.Please sign again :)

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WooHoo!I'm back on my feet and recovered nicely from a nasty crash,and I know I haven't changed the midi of the week for like 2 months :p

I'm gonna keep this midi up a little longer,I think it rules :)


If you don't have a wavetable soundcard,I suggest getting WingrooveA totally ass kicking wavetable emulator.

heh heh,If you're my girlfriend you get your name in between these hearts :P

Geeez,isn't that reason enough to date me :P (j/k)

You know you watch too much Sailor Moon when...

Info on me!

A couple of my friends:

It's Eil,he's cool
Celest,a chick :)
My bookmarks file!Lots of links.
GamerX's page.

people have hit the bong!



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