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Date Update
1-31-99 Awww... so sorry… my fault… my bad… all other sorry words… Um I'm sorry… now I'll get on with life and shut up… The reason(s) why I couldn't update is… 1. Trouble with internet 2. ………………………… 3. Busy making Pokémon junk 4. No one signs the book. 5. No one wants to get there… I will update after Valentine's Day (Feb. 15) So be here! AND Bowser's Keep is hanging on a rope… Not good...
01-01-99 Happy New Year!
12-26-98 New Death Trap installed ONLY on this link. If you have an old browser don't try it.
12-25-98 Merry Christmas! Hope ya got lots of presents. New layout for New Year! If you come December 31, you must sign the guestbook, all entry questions filled out, and I'll put on a special code if you leave your E-mail. See ya then!
12-24-98 1 More day till Christmas… yeah! Break for me! Yes! Be sure to be on this site on December 31! If you come I have a suprise! Have a safe Christmas… many suprises next year! NEW background! A thank you to K-man for uploading my award.
12-20-98 Amazing how time flies! 5 days! Can someone sign the guestbook? I'd be greatful if someone would.
12-19-98 As Christmas just 'round the corner, I will get a break from school. 8 hours! From 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Finished the Me place on any of frames!
12-18-98 I got the Netscape browser thing up! Now You guys that have Netscape can listen to music!
12-17-98 Dag its been 6 days since I last updated. My fault. I'll be adding a personal section on info about me. Also a Internet Explorer OR Netscape browser link so it'll be fair.
12-11-98 Well, guess I can't go on vacation 'cause my pop's got a fever and my mom has the flu. Guess gots some time... tomorrow I'll update. Didn't feel like decorating. Music is temporary.
12-7-98 18 days. And 18 days until I update again… I will be on vacation. Peace! Oh, won an award!
12-6-98 19 days till Christmas… yeah… anyway, won an award and 2 new links! Expect an update tomorrow containing lots of Christmas stuff!
12-5-98 Wrong dates on previous updates. My bad second time. Added a few MIDIS. New link!
12-3-98 My bad. Made mistake on updates and didn't put on date
12-2-98 New Text Version of the site. Unless you have a horrible browser go there.
11-30-98 New link. Forget the navigation thing.
11-28-98 I guess no one came to the chat… 3( Well, new link. PLANNED IS A CHAT NEXT WEEK SATURDAY, December 5, 12:00 PM. I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU COME. New MIDIS Page! It's not finished and won't be finished until a month or 2. New navigation thing on bottom of updates.
11-27-98 First chat time is 3:00 PM Eastern tomorrow (11-28-98). Please come.
11-26-98 Happy Turkey Day! 1 new E-mail address. Fearow
11-25-98 Won an award!
11-24-98 New guestbook. 2 good reasons. It uses lots of bytes. the… thing that… the thing! It's the thing in your directory YOUR SPACE! That's cleared up. And it won't post new messages (I try to test it and it don't post). Here it is. Please sign my new guestbook. Sign it or View it.
11-22-98 New link!
11-15-98 New main song and index! Something is wrong with Geocities. New link!
11-14-98 3 new E-mail addresses. Psyduck, Magnemite, and Sandshrew. This really isn't an update. Now this is an update. Won an award!
11-13-98 MIDIS are working again. Frames will be off because of errors. New awards page! For those of you that were here earlier, I fixed the frames page with MAJOR help from Jinjo12 and his site at Jinjo's Place.
11-12-98 New Games page!
11-11-98 New link
11-8-98 The music may not play because I'm working on a MIDIS place.
11-7-98 4 new links! New Concepts page!
11-6-98 New Quiz Section!
11-2-98 NEW Frames Page!
11-1-98 New Fly Guy's Funhouse!
10-31-98 HALLOWEEN! Yay yay yay! A new Sites page AKA Links.
10-26-98 A NEW Thanks Page.
10-25-98 NEW poll, chat, and message board!
10-24-98 Opened Bowser's Keep

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