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Hello, my name is Barbara McGowan.
Welcome to my information page.

On SeaGulls Wings was brought into being as a therapy center to help others . Here at On SeaGulls Wings I use various theraputic techniques. I have a unique way of helping other. If you wish to know more about my services email me at the below email address.

You can email me at: Click here for email.
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Gender Profile Study

INSTRUCTIONS: The purpose of this profile is so that your experiences and support needs may be more fully understood. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers. Complete it as neatly and accurately as possible. All information is strickly private. No information will be given to any outside person.

Preferred Name (First Name Only, :______________________________________

Date of Birth: ________/_______/____________

Today’s Date: _________/_________/________

? What is your preferred Transgender Identification: (check one)

A. TRANSSEXUAL – A person interested in permanently changing gender through cross0gender hormones and various surgeries. This often includes cross living part time, with the end result being full time in a newly established gender identity prior to Genital Reassignment Surgery.

B. TRANSVESTITE/CROSSDRESSER – A person interested in wearing clothing of the opposite gender privately and/or socially as an opportunity to explore masculinity or femininity. Typically not interested in hormones, aesthetic surgeries, castration or genital assignment.

C. TRANSGENDERIST – A person in cross dressing and cross living part of full time. Typically not interested in Genital Reassignment Surgery. Possibly interested in hormones, aesthetic surgeries or castration.

D. ANDROGYNE – A person interested in taking on the characteristics of both or neither gender roles(s), i.e., male/female or occupying a middle ground. Not interested in Genital Reassignment Surgery. Possibly interested in hormones, aesthetic surgeries or castration.

E. INTERSEXED - A person that was born with both male and female Genitals.

A < B C D > E
Do you cross dress for sexual excitement or gratification?
Are you interested in Gender Reassignment Surgery (SRS/GRS)?
14. Please read each statement carefully and check all that apply to your situation..
While Playing alone during my childhood, I would play with opposite gender-oriented toys dolls(for girls or trucks (for boys)>

I have secretly crossdress with a family member’s or spouse’s clothing.

My crossgendered behavior feels compulsive, I think about it obsessively and feel frustrated.

Being crossgendered is part of my spiritual life journey. As an adult, crossdressing is a safe way to explore my attraction for the same sex.

I really wanted to be a person of the opposite gender so I could receive more attention.

I understand that exploring and developing my transgender identity will take time.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

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