Welcome to my page. If you are a mistress I greet you on my knees and If you just happened to surf by  please read this page without prejudice.


Being a slave as long as I can remember leads me in search of ultimate degradation. I was trained into slavery by my first girlfriend at the age of 15. It started with light humiliation before sex, I would be ordered to crawl to her, kiss her feet or shoes and beg to orally please her. With time her demands became cruller and and not just sex related. With time I become her servant. I would clean her parents house, do errands, and even serve her sister. I was no more her boyfriend but her slave. She would go out with other man and later tell me ALL about her dates, making me beg to drive her next time she went out, Not before I shined her shoes and told her how amazing she looked. At that time I was already trained In shoe, foot and body service, foot rest, light toilet servitude and more. While she treated me as an object I was more and more dependent on her for my role which by that time I needed as a part of my life, I could not find joy in life unless I was enslaved.  Many years and 3 mistresses later I'm a true sub who has to be in service in order to feel alive and happy.  My mistress will find me devoted, humble, eager to please, and ready to submit with all my heart and soul.

My main interests are foot, shoe and body worship, domestic slavery or sissy maid, human furniture, toilet servitude, lap dog and sex toy. I love public humiliation and serving my owner while other people are present. I thrive on constant humiliation and constant reminders of my lowly position and unusefulnes as a male.

Two years ago I had an amazing encounter with a shemale mistress. I was given to her by my previous mistress as a birthday present. serving her changed my life!!!  she was preop and yet I served all her sexual demands . It was not the first time I serviced a male organ since I did serve my previous mistress's male friends and other slaves, but this was different, this I really enjoyed.  I do not consider myself Bisexual because I can't see myself doing IT with a man but there is something enchanting about doing it with a dominant mistress with a real d--k. There are some amazing Ts/Tg mistresses on the web and I would be highly honored and very lucky  to serve them. Here is A link to one of those Royal ladies.

   please worship  Mistress Janine   and tell her I sent you.......


With time I will be adding more about myself, more links and if i find the courage maybe even a pic of myself, in the meantime if a mistress finds this page interesting and would like to know more about Subtom please write me with your comments, advice or orders.

Humbly Yours...       Subtom   

Note: I tried to keep this page as graphically light as possible for fast downloading, Since I live in a small country I have not placed my pic on this page. a pic will be sent on demand.

Two Month later........... Updated January 22 1998.

This page has been up for over two month now and is has been a flunk. If I had any hope that putting up this page will help me find my owner guess what........ I was dead wrong, Nothing happened ....... nothing !!! Maybe the problem is that I live in a country (Israel) that has not been exposed to different lifestyles yet, people are afraid of exposure or maybe not many mistresses surf the net, or maybe I just haven't linked my site to the right search engines, but anyhow I haven't found my true happiness yet.




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