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Welcome to my little place in this world wide web. Thank you for stopping by, and now kick off your heels,put your feet up, grab a coffee, and stay awhile..............

I'd like to tell you a few things about me as this site developes. I am a 43 year old crossdresser who has been happily married for 22 years to a wonderful and understanding woman. Our time together has blessed us with much happiness and a beautiful family. I live my daily life in a very typical male role, and enjoy my special gift to the femme side whenever it is possible..........

This seems like a good opportunity for me to tell you a little about myself, and the things that make me tick. Whether it's on,in, or under the sea, these things make me happy. My interests include off-shore sport fishing, scuba diving and underwater photography, a leisurly cruise up and down the bay, or just plain lounging around on deck sipping a cocktail and enjoying some lite conversation and life in general with friends. So as you can see, being a crossdresser just adds to the joys of being able to enjoy all that life has to offer, whether it be male or female oriented.

Something else I'd like to share with you is that circle of friends i like to surround myself with. For starters, Lisa and Gerri have been around the longest,and they are very dear to me. Then of course, there's MISTY BLUE, what can I say,she's only the cutest little thing you'll ever meet. Then of course, there's Susan Ashleigh~April~Danielle Marie~Danielle~Tara~Sylvia~Nikki~Tracy~Lexi~Connie~and on and on.................. There are so many girls I've met on-line, and don't be upset if I've missed you, because I know who you are, and you're in my thoughts all the time.

Now of course, there is always one frienship that stands a little apart from the rest. Well, this is my dear friend Michelle Renée, the canook with the positve mental attitude. She has helped me with many things in the short year that we've been chatting. I owe many thanks to her for putting this page together for me in the spare time that I know she does not have a lot of. Michelle, thank you so much!!

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